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P&P Safety - Clip & Climb Bracket System

P&P Safety - Clip & Climb Bracket System - A Permanent Attachment Solution for Structures - Over the years, various permanent attachment methods have been developed for climbers on lattice towers from complex bespoke systems to lanyards on Step-Bolts.  P&P Safety is continually striving to improve the safety of those working at height and has addressed the issues associated with these systems. Following much development and testing work, we are pleased to launch the new Clip & Climb Bracket specifically for the electricity market.  The Clip & Climb Bracket provides a permanent attachment access and egress system for lattice tower structures.  We have based the concept around traditional methods, which Linesmen use to climb a structure’s leg using two tailed lanyards.  This enhanced safety system can reduce potential fall distances and ensures that where fitted, the Step-Bolt attachment points are CE compliant to BS EN 795 (individual Step-Bolts are not fall arrest anchor points).

P&P Safety Clip & Climb Brackets can provide an easy, cost effective, solution for asset owners to ensure safety and BS EN 795 compliance. 

You can download a product datasheet here. To save a copy to your computer - 'Right Click' link and select 'Save Target As'. P&P Safety Clip & Climb.

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